Wedding and Portrait Photography Sutherland Shire is all about creating memories. Whether you are head over heels in love and planning a wedding, or looking for a portrait photographer to capture images of you and family, you have come to the right place.

Wedding Photography Sutherland Shire, Sydney, is all about story telling. Non invasive, natural images captured authentically. Cathy travels all over Sydney and its surrounds from the Southern highlands, Wollongong, Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley and all the in between. Cathy has over 25 years experience when it comes to photographing weddings and is truly a wealth of wedding knowledge. 

Family Photography Sutherland Shire Sydney. Capturing your families individuality and personality is what makes this fun! Sutherland Shire has some of the most amazing outdoor locations for photography. Perfect if you are after  something very natural and  carefree. We also have an indoor studio for those families wanting to keep the images a little more structured and simplistic. 

Kids Photography Sutherland Shire Sydney. There is nothing better than entertaining kids during a photo shoot. The laughter and giggles always brings out the best in kids, indoor or outdoor, creating these images for families is really a privilege. Kids photography is something that brings so much joy, they are honest, raw and simply, just kids! Kids grow way to fast so capturing every milestone is so rewarding.

Ballet and Dance Photography Sutherland Shire, Sydney. Capturing talent of this very disciplined genre is truly magical.  Producing creative portraits of dancers is a welcomed challenge . A field that is so artistically express, needs to be captured in a such a way that delivers nothing but magical memories. These little dancers are so amazing at what they do. They are so passionate about dance and that really is evident when they are photographed. Cathy’s work with dancers has already produced a book publication  and 4 ballet calendars that has raised over $6000 for Charity. 

Pet Photography Sutherland Shire. Pets have this magnificent way of bringing a smile to your face. They are so much fun to photograph. Pets are such a big part of family life, and that’s why I always encourage family’s to include them in their family portrait sessions. They are loving, charismatic, entertaining, sometime a little wild, sometimes a lot. Capturing the connection and love of family, children and their beloved pet is just so super special. We love pets so much we launched a charity project for Photography Sutherland Shire animals called “Shire Tails”. Most of my pet photography sessions are done on the local Sutherland Shire area. If you have a pet that you would prefer to be photographed in your home that’ s certainly an d option. So is my indoor studio. 

Female Portrait Photography Sutherland Shire. Call it boudoir, call it glamour, or contemporary female portraits, to me its about creating images that evoke confidence. Portraying a positive body image is something I feel very passionate about. In a world so full of social media and so called “ideal” ways to look, its easy for a woman to lose confidence in the way she see’s herself. I love photographing women, of all shapes and sizes. Creating beautiful, timeless and most importantly powerful confident images of yourself and your body! All these session are photographed in my Sutherland Shire Photography Studio located in Caringbah. The style of the session is open to my clients preference. Natutal in jeans and a t-shirt, or glammed up with professional make up and hair. The session is a beautiful way to express your true self. 

New Born Photography Sutherland Shire. Stepping away from the very posed new born photography, photographing babies in baskets with pretty bows, although beautiful is not the way  I choose to photographnewborns. I love to capture more lifestyle type images, especailly with mum and dad. Even in the home if the parents preferr and feel more comfortable. This is  such a a special  time for family that I like to capture it as pure and real as possible. Images that capture true life that can be looked back on and evoke memories of exactly the way life started for your little bundle of joy. 

Diamond Portraits specialises both in wedding and family portraits. Over the years we have become known for vibrant rich colours as well as our striking black and white images. There is nothing more beautiful than capturing emotions of JOY, LOVE & LAUGHTER through photography! More more information, give Cathy a call on 0447 400 074 

25 years, way past the 1,000 couples now and still absolutely love it

As a photographer, my goal is really simple, its to capture the bride and grooms personality. Its to ensure their wedding photos are a true representation of who they are.  Meeting couples and having very open conversations about what they love and perhaps what they don’t, is really important. We discuss what style they like, how their wedding will be themed, and most importantly their hopes and the expectations surrounding their photography. With over 25 years can has become one other most sort after photography studios in the Sutherland shire. 

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We love all things portrait!

Portraits are so personal, and generally not something people do too often. That’s why we invite our families to come into our studio for a consultation appointment before we photograph them. We can have a chat about clothing and style as well as personalities because ultimately that’s what we want to capture. Its also a great opportunity to discuss what sort of portrait photography product you would like from the session, whether it be a wall collage, mounted images or even a canvas. Photography Sutherland shire style is our specialty.

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Families & Children Gallery
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Do you have a question about Diamond Portrait’s Wedding Packages or what to expect from our Portrait Experiences? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for our most common enquiries. Photography Sutherland Shire Specialist 


Diamond Portraits is a small boutique studio located in the heart of Caringbah. Hi, I’m Cathy and I have been photographing weddings and portraits for 25 years. I can honestly say I love it as much today as I did the day I started.


It’s not every day you look for a family portrait photographer. We want to make sure your portrait photography session is a memorable experience – from the photo session to viewing images, to collecting your final wall art. We believe images should be displayed not stored on computers. Wall art is by far our most popular studio product. Photography Sutherland Shire images by Cathy