How much do you charge for wedding photography?

My photography packages start at $2590. I have a number of different packages available. If you would like a copy of our beautiful flip book detailing all we offer, simply fill in the brochure request from at the end of this page and we will have it to you ASAP.

How many pictures will i get?

Tricky to answer, because in truth; there is not definite number. The amount of photos taken at a wedding can vary enormously depending on many factors. Anything for 400 to 800 which is vague right? Well factors that can affect your wedding photo number include.

How long will you be at my wedding?

I don’t work with set hours; you will not find a package on my price list that is hour based. My coverages start at the bride’s preparation and I follow it through to the end of the formalities, sometime weddings may be seven hours, sometimes they may be twelve, it is what it is.

Do I get the files from the wedding?

Absolutely, I provide both a “social media files” ie they have my watermark and are low resolution for ease of posting to social media. I also provide a high resolution file for printing, no watermark on these files.

Do I get copyright of the images?

Copyright ownership remains with the studio, however we provide all files to clients with a liscence to reproduce at will, any images they wish for domestic use.

What happens if it rains?

We go to Plan B. All my couples are briefed at the pre wedding interview about plan B aka wet weather. We make sure everyone knows about the plan, ie venue and car drivers as well.It is never something we wing on the day!

What’s your style?

I get asked this all the time, and I always say “my style is whatever YOU want it to be” So let me explain. I love photography, I really love candid, happy, spontaneous moments, but I also love really romantic photos, so two extremes. But to any creative photographer their style preference


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