Lets be honest, planning a family portrait session is not something people do often.

Why is that? The thought of getting everyone together seems overwhelming, especially if you are looking at an extended family session. Or you’re thinking about getting just the immediate family photographed because you haven’t taken a family photo since Jessie was a baby and she’s now 8!! Sound familiar, well you’re not alone. Planning  a family session takes time and effort, you need to think about the clothing, the right time of day to get the most out of the kids. But it does go much deeper than that and that’s where hiring a professional is crucial. These are images that will last a lifetime, and hang proudly in your home so you want to get it right. You want to ensure the theme of the session will coincide with the decor of your home, so styling and planning is really important. Its something I spend a lot of time discussing  with my clients.

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Want to know my 5 Top Clothing Tips for planning the perfect portrait experience?

Deciding what to wear in family photos can be challenging. Gone are the days of matchy matchy clothing. Let's make sure we get you all coordinated!

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