Ive been a photographer for 23 years now. I’ve photographed just over 1000 weddings and I love it just as much today as the day I first started. Joy, Love and Laughter that’s my moto for weddings. JOY because everything about this day is a celebration. LOVE, because it’s everywhere!! And LAUGHTER because life does not exist without it. Everything I aim to achieve photographically encompasses these 3 words.


My goal is to capture the bride and grooms personality.

To ensure their wedding photos are a true representation of who they are! After meeting a couple and talking to them about their wedding it becomes apparent to me quite quickly how they should be photographed. Personality is everything!

No two weddings are the same to me!

I honestly think this is why I have been in the photography industry so long. Every wedding is different, all the couples are different and so are their personalities, but that’s what makes my job so interesting. Many photography studios today will say they have a certain “style”. Some will say they are candid photographers, others might say they are “photojournalistic” in their style. I however don’t say any of this, they’re not my photos; they are yours. I want couples to tell me what they want, and if they are not sure, we discuss it and work together to produce images that represent their uniqueness.

No two couples are the same.

Each couple is the sum of its parts, and when they are together this magical personality is born. Some are reserved, some are very outgoing, and the dynamic that is created during a wedding is always different. Let’s work with yours.

Communication is really important to me.

Being able to educate couples about the expected light on the day, the timing for their photography schedule, ideal locations or time of year their getting married, and so on is very important to me. Just to ensure the couple gets the absolute most out of their wedding photography. After years of photographing weddings I have amassed a huge range of tips to help you enjoy your day. That includes making sure you like having your photo taken!. That in essence is my job.  

Whether you are after a natural session, fun, romantic or candid, we aim to achieve images that suite YOUR style not ours. Our photography packages start form $2590.

A $750 Non-refundable Deposit Is Required To Confirm Your Wedding photography Booking. Final Balances Are Due 5 weeks prior to the wedding. Unfortunately we cannot hold dates without a deposit. Contact us and we will email you a full brochure of our service.


Hiring the right team is critical to planning your dream wedding…..and it can also be quite stressful. How do you find the right match for you?? How do you know who to trust? Where do you go for advice. To get the best results from your wedding, you will need to have the right planning and organising in place. You’ll also need to know the right questions to ask and what pitfalls to avoid. Here are a few tips to find the right person for you!





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