A little ballerina. Isla’s dance portrait

A Little ballerina with beautiful nature.

Isla’s came into the studio to be part of our dancers for the dandelion calendar project. She walked in a little shy and quiet. What little 8 years old wouldn’t? A studio with all its lighting can be a little overwhelming for anyone. Its funny how literally after  10-15 minutes little kids can feel right at home in front of the camera. It’s so beautiful to see them transform from this timid little thing to a little ballerina enjoying herself, and willing to give anything a go during their photography portrait session.

There is definitely something special about photographing little children who love to dance.

They have an amazing capacity for following instructions so well. I’m convinced that having to learn all these dances for concerts and performances does amazing things for kids attention span and listening skills. These little ballerinas truly astound me. And it certainly makes my job easier too. 😊

The greatest reward when photographing little ballerinas is knowing they are having a great time, and really enjoying their photo experience. The biggest reward, however, as a photographer, is not only producing beautiful pictures to look back on but knowing you give children a little boost to their confidence as well.

Thank you, Isla, for bringing your beautiful personality to my studio. I hope you enjoyed your photography session as much as I did ❤



Isla dances as at En pointe dance academy, in Taren Point   https://enpointedance.com.au/

Isla will be one of the many beautiful little ballerinas that will grace the pages of our Dancer for Dandelion Charity Calendar

Helping raise funds for those families and children that need much financial support, especially around this time of the year.

You can read more about our charity project here. https://www.diamondportraits.com.au/about-me-and-photography/our-charity-work/

Images by Cathy, Sutherland shire portrait photographer.

Available for Sydney-wide dance photography portraits and ballerina photography portraits.