Taylor and Lachlans Wedding Happiness

Hello, beautiful wedding happiness!

These guys were super young but so in love. And I can not believe how relaxed they were. They took the whole wedding day in their stride. There were nerves of course but nothing was going to get in their way of having a perfect celebration. And that they did. With their beautiful little baby in tow too. Ottimo House is definitely one of my favorite wedding day venues.  Immaculate gardens that look like they belong in the southern highlands. Blessed with an overcast day- we all know that photographers love that lighting ;).

A simple wedding day ceremony under the gazebo with their little baby boy and close family by their side, what more could anyone ask for?

I have a thought about wedding happiness.

The less someone stresses about perfection- the more perfect their wedding happiness is! So do all you can to plan for the wedding day but appreciate that not everything will run to a perfect schedule. Use your schedule as a guide and leave other aspects of the day, like flowers, photography, and function to the professionals- that is  what you hired them for 🙂

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