Alex’s first portrait: Sutherland Shire Photographer

When you photograph kids, you just don’t know what you are in for.  Alex’s first portrait was not what I expected.

These little kiddies walk into a studio, they are confronted with these strange lights and a photographer they don’t know. He/she is usually holding this massive camera. And then we expect these tiny little humans to feel at home….it never happens. 😉

Rebecca and Costa had even warned me that Alex was a little shy, but full of energy and didn’t sit still for long!! So I was essentially bracing myself for a very fast-paced session.

Having photos taken is pretty awkward for kids

At best it usually takes a  good 10 minutes for kids to feel comfortable in the studio and unhinge themselves from mum or dad’s legs. Alex however was a trooper and surprised us all!! This is one of the first photos we took of their family. Just adorable. ❤

Granted the next 30 minutes were spent taking photos under bribery with cookies, smarties, stuffed toys, and dad, Costa working up a sweat being animated behind me!! 😂 But well worth it Id say!

I photographed Rebecca and Costa’s wedding a few years back now. I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to have couples return for photographs with their little bundles of joy. Meeting their little ones is really a privilege.

It’s also pretty special when nan and pop join the party. I love that Alex will be able to look back in 20-30 years’ time and have these precious family photos to look back on. He may not remember the photo session so to speak, but the images will evoke lots of childhood fond memories with his grandparents and mum and dad. That in a nutshell is the beautiful power of photography.

Images by Sutherland Shire Family Portrait Photographer

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