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Andreas Dance Portrait

This gorgeous little girl came into my studio to be part of the dancers for Dandelion calendar project.  Andreas dance portrait is one that has helped raise funds for a local Sutherland shire Charity called. –  The  Dandelion Support Network.

Their goal is to support those families in need with the supply of baby and children’s products/clothing and essential items.

Andreas Dance Portrait

Andrea is only five years of age and was a little shy at first. Understandably as this was her first real studio portrait. And for kids, all the lights can be very overwhelming. But after a few photographs, she truly came right out of her shell.
I think the best part of photographing is watching kid’s confidence grow. It’s so nice to see them become more and more comfortable in front of the camera. You can instantly see the change in their demeanor and confidence. And Andrea was no different.

Her little brother crashes her photoshoot

Andreas’ little brother came along and watched his sister have her dance portrait. After about 30 minutes he seemed keen to steal some of the limelight.
He’s a little spunky kid with the most contagious smile and laugh.
When I suggested we take few photos of Dragan, he just sat straight up on the chair, in front of all those overwhelming studio lights, and did this!!

Just as cute as anything. What is it about kids giggles that are so contagious! His pictures just exude happiness.

And at the end of the session, who couldn’t but resist taking a few images of these two children together?   ❤

Cathy is a family portrait photographer located in the Sutherland Shire shire.
She has had the joy of taking photographs and preserving precious memories for families for over 25 years,
Cathy’s Photography Studio is located in Lilli Pilli, Sutherland shire.

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Andrea dancers at the rhythm and dance co.-