Beautiful portrait photography of three sisters

Beautiful portrait photography

Three sisters, all so different, equally as stunning and talented. Just makes for a beautiful portrait photography session.

What happens when you have three very different kids, (creative kids) in a confined studio space, with lots of dance outfits?? Chaos…beautiful, tulle filled chaos 🤣 That of course makes for some beautiful portrait photography!

Three beautiful sisters Mya, Tahlia, and Alya.  Each child is so very different in their personality. And each one so different in what they thought would be a great photo. Hahhahah sometimes I thought they were directing the session. Got to love children, never backward in coming forwards. It was definitely an entertaining portrait photography session. We tried to coordinate some pretty tutu-like images for their group photo and I think they look just beautiful. Then for the individual pictures, we just let the kids choose what they wanted to wear. They each had their own favorite outfits, and definitely their own favorite style of dance genres.

Mya looks stunning in her flowing burgundy number.

We wanted to get some movement in this stunning gown so I put mum to work for this one. Thank you Meagan for being a super fabric “thrower”, your talent paid off 😊

Ayla the sassy 5 year old, looks so athletic and wanted to show her flexibility (yes I’m a tad jealous, oh to be young again)
And Tahlia, just seemed so easy going, ready to go with the flow. An absolute natural in front of the camera.

How beautiful are these two images of the girls together, they are so different, but I love them both just as much. Here’s to photographing our children and creating beautiful memories of their childhood.

The three  girls dance and the wonderful KRS dance located in the Sutherland Shire

Another session for our dancers for the dandelion charity calendar.

Images by Cath, Sutherland Shire Photographer, and licentiate associate of the AIPP.

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Sutherland Shire Photography: Studio located in Lilli Pilli

Images documented By Award-winning Sutherland Shire Photographer  Cathy D

Photography Sutherland Shire ©