33 Ways to Have FUN with Your Family Photography

Your family photography session should capture the unique relationships within your family and create images you can treasure for generations to come.

Despite your best intentions and desire for the most gorgeous family portraits, things don’t always go to plan! Let’s face it family photography is tricky. Our precious little ones may not love having their photo taken or smile on cue.

Attention spans may be short and siblings may decide the day of the photoshoot to settle their sibling rivalry. Not to mention posing can strike fear in most adults resulting in those awkward family photos we love to share on social media!

But with a little planning, we can design a family photography session that showcases your family’s personality bringing out the best in everybody.

Your family is unique, so your session should be too. The best way to capture the essence of your family is in a natural environment where you feel comfortable and can have fun.

Create some amazing images and celebrate your amazing family with these 33 creative ideas to make your photography session a fun one.

Capture Personality in your Family Photography Session

You can capture the unique personality of your family with these simple ideas:

Family Photography1. Pick clothing to match your personality

For some families that will mean bright, bold colours and patterns. For others, it will be plain colours. You don’t all need to match.

2. Give your photoshoot a theme

Let your photoshoot tell a story. Does your family have a unique personality that could be recreated in a photo? Are you quirky, whimsical, sporty, free-spirited, social? How can you use these themes to articulate your family’s unique character?

3. Do an activity your family loves

Why not use your favourite activity as the basis for your photoshoot? It could be playing chess, fishing, surfing, bike riding, running or dancing.

4. Plan an activity you can do together

If you want a really candid-looking shoot, do an activity together that can be photographed. Put up the Christmas tree, decorate the house, put up a tent, paint a bedroom or make a piece of art together.Family portraits

5. Recreate a famous image

Recreate a famous image such as the Beatles Abbey Road crossing or an iconic image from a famous movie. You could even recreate old family photos from when you were young.

6. Write a message

Use a chalkboard or whiteboard to write messages to each other and photograph your reactions.

7. Focus on your feet

Take a photo of your family’s bare feet together. Or, even better, take some images wearing shoes: ballet, soccer, work boots, thongs…whatever has meaning for you.

8. Become superheroes

Dress up as your favourite heroes, or just show a sneaky hint of a superhero costume underneath your regular clothes.

Change up the location for your family photography session

You don’t have to sit inside a studio and smile for the camera. The best photoshoots are the ones done in an environment you love and feel comfortable in. There are so many locations you can choose from.

9. Choose a location your family loves

Pick a place your family loves as the location for your shoot so everyone feels comfortable and relaxed.

10. Go to the beach

The beach always makes a wonderful backdrop for a family photography session. Play in the waves, build a sandcastle or take a walk together and you’re bound to get some amazing candid shots.

11. Choose somewhere meaningful

Is there a location that is special to your family? You might like to recreate a past event, or just simply make new memories in your special location.

12. Go to a local park

Celebrate your love for your local area by choosing a park near your house for your photoshoot. A simple park bench or children’s playground can ignite your fun side and make for a great backdrop too.

13. Choose a comfortable space

Create intimate moments by staying in a comfortable space such as your own home. Have everyone pile into the bed, lay together on the living room floor or gather on the staircase or in the front yard.

14. Take a hike

Head into the wilderness together and go on a bushwalk. Photos in nature are always relaxed and scenic and can lead to a whole range of possibilities.

15. Go to the backyard

How about exploring your own backyard? You’ll all feel comfortable in this familiar setting and you can use trees, fences, and maybe even the trampoline as inspiration.

16. Celebrate the seasons

Jump in a pile of Autumn leaves at the park, or swim in the pool during the hot Summer months.

17. Lazy Sunday morning in bed

Are Sunday mornings your family’s favourite time to spend together? Recreate the feeling of Sunday morning for your photo shoot. Make pancakes, pile into bed together and laugh your way through your session.

Celebrate your unique qualities

Include the special qualities that make up your family in your photoshoot by considering some of these options:

18. Bring toys or objects that family members love

What about bringing some props to your photoshoot? Celebrate the hobbies and interests of your family members by holding something that reflects your personality. It might be a musical instrument, a football, netball or tennis racket.

Family Photography

19. Play a sport together

Stage a friendly game of sport together to inspire some action shots.

20. Sing

Sing your family’s favourite song to lighten the mood.

21. Get dirty

Nobody said you had to stay clean during your photoshoot. Head for somewhere muddy and get messy. Have a mud fight and capture the fun on film.

22. Play a simple game together

If your family is not so sporty, why not play a simple game together? Play chess, cards or your favourite board game and capture the competitive and joyful traits it brings out in your family members.

Family Photography23. Bring the dog

Nothing puts everyone at ease quite like the family pet. If you have a dog, bring it along to your shoot. Not only will you get some lovely photos of your pet, but you’ll also help everyone relax.

24. Hold up letters to spell out a word

You can have each member of the family hold up individual letters to spell out a word that is meaningful to you. It could be LOVE or maybe even your family surname.

Keep it simple

The key to a relaxed and fun family photography session is to keep it simple. Remember to smile and try not to worry too much about what the photographer is doing.

25. Laugh

Tickle each other, tell funny stories and keep the mood light. Natural laughter makes for the best photos.

26. Bring snacks

If you have children, bring snacks to stop them from getting hungry. It also keeps them entertained between shots and can double as fun props.

27. Interact with each other rather than pose for the camera

Don’t worry about posing. We will guide you but just remember to interact with each other during the shoot to get some great candid shots.

28. Pull funny faces

Make things deliberately fun by pulling funny faces at the photographer, or at each other.

29. Put on a pair of oversized glasses

Funny props can help lighten the mood. Pop on a pair of oversized glasses to start the laughter rolling.

30. Capture a moment at home

Make your session all about a simple moment that can tell a story about your family life. Capture dinner time, story time or another favourite part of your daily routine.

31. Have a picnic

Set up a picnic and capture the moment. Having props around and something to do with your hands can help your family relax and act naturally.

32. Tell jokes

You’ll have fun, get some natural laughter and create some great images at the same time.

photography family portraits

33. Jump, dance, go wild

If all else fails, just let loose for your family photography session. Jump around, dance, and go wild as a group and capture the beautiful insanity that follows.

These are just a few ideas to help you have fun with your family photography. As only you know your family best, you will know what ideas will work which ideas won’t. You may even have other ideas of your own… I’d love to hear what they are.

Contact us today to discuss how we can work together to give your family a photoshoot to remember along with gorgeous family portraits you will cherish forever.

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Cathy is a Sutherland Shire Family Photographer, who has worked in the industry for over 25 years.