Should I have a Wedding Videographer?

To have or not to have a wedding videographer.

I get asked this question so much! Couple will often book photography first and as the wedding day gets closer they start to think about engaging a wedding videographer.  Everyone is different. But let me ask you this? Will you regret not having a wedding video ? That is the real question  you need to ask yourself!

I myself was not that interested in a wedding video, but I knew I would one day, regret it. So we we had one. It wasn’t edited, no fancy highlights or special effects, just the coverage, as it happened on the day.
I loved it, it’s the real thing, its how the guests saw my wedding on the day. As natural as a wedding coverage could be. You honestly can miss so much on your wedding day. Guest reactions, not to mention you are so nervous that some things just literally seem a blur

Videography can be quite an expense, so if you want all the bells and whistles, ie cinematic editing expect to pay on average $4000 to $10,000 and sometimes more. This amount of money is not in everyone’s budget. If its not, consider engaging someone who can at least provide the raw unedited footage of your day. This will cost about half as much, and you will still come away with some fantastic memories. Remember your wedding day will go so fast, your vows will probably be a blur. Video is the perfect way to watch all those tiny little moments you missed on your special day.

Brides take on wedding videography

A quote from a bride who wanted a video but the groom was not fussed, this is what she sent me after she watched her wedding video.

“Wow, I have to say I’m MOST pleased about the video, we barely new the videographer was there. I’m so happy I talked Greg into having it, we were able to recap so much of the ceremony that we truly missed.  I think because we were so nervous and focused on our vows. All those special moments that Greg missed.. like me getting ready at home. And I got to see him pacing nervously before the ceremony at the church. Thank you thank you thank you it’s just perfect!”  Angela Catlins.

“I am actually devastated  I didn’t hire a wedding videographer. Some people couldn’t make our wedding and would have been real nice he share the video with them.” —Kirsty Andrews

“Im so happy Cathy explained the importance of wedding videography to us before the day. We have originally just booked photography, but Cathy explained all the pros and cons of not having one. I think the biggest benefit was to see Jake before I actually walked down the isle>Its  a part of the wedding day I would have never got to see  Eluisa Balkin 31

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Happy Planning

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