Newborn Photographer Sutherland Shire

Newborn photographer sutherland shire

As a newborn photographer capturing that first portrait is incredibly special. What an intensely emotional time this is for couples. As a mum of two teens now, I can honestly say that bringing children into the world is one of the most grounding events you will ever face.  I’m very much a realist. And I’m the first to say, that being a parent is the darn hardest job I’ve ever had. And it’s still the hardest job…..(yep can’t say it get easier as they get older…sorry mums and dads, but remember I said I’m a realist). But I can tell you, it is the most rewarding and satisfying job you will ever have.

The realist approach to photographing babies

My “realist” approach  Id like to think carries through into the way I like to photograph newborns and my family portraits as well. If you’re looking for a photographer to create images of your newborn in frilly baskets and flowers and bumblebee outfits, this isn’t me. Don’t get me wrong, they’re adorable but they are just not the style I lend myself to. (besides I think if I showed my 19-year-old daughter an image of her in a striped yellow and black outfit with a huge butt, she probably said “what on earth were you thinking”  🤣 ( I think she’s a realist too!). My point is, I  love photographing newborns and family in the true spirit of real life.

I think it’s important to remember that first week as it was, nothing is perfect, but it’s the imperfections that tell the story. And it’s your personal story.

You may feel exhausted, you may not. You may not feel glamorous, you may not care. At the end of the day, is about capturing this amazing new life you have created.


Mum and dad, this is an important message for you.

You need to be in the photos. Sometimes parents “just want photos of the newborn” because they’re tired, they need to “lose weight” I’ve got ” dark circles under my eyes” …..bla bla bla bla. Here’s the thing; it’s important you exist in photos. You’re creating your family legacy, your own little family history. Children want you in the picture. When they’re all grown up and you are no longer with them, this is what they will look for, family images. They don’t give two hoots about weight, dark eyes, and wrinkles. They care about seeing you with them. That goes for all your portraits by the way, not just newborn sessions. Parents – please exist in photos!

So when it comes to being a newborn photographer, I’m quite partial to coming to your home and taking images that portray your life with your new baby. Using as much natural light as possible. Using different areas of the home, the three of you relaxing on mum and dad’s bed. I find couples are super relaxed in their own environment. And let me tell you this makes a huge difference to the baby as well. Theys sense tension and tension just causes more tension.

A word on other siblings

It’s also really helpful if you have other toddlers as they can quite easily preoccupy themselves in their room or with familiar toys. A welcome change to being hinged to mum and dad’s legs in a studio. You don’t want your other children to feel left out during the session. So we want to make sure we get lots of images that make them feel included too. The same goes for older children, we want to do also document their life with the new addition as well. These images will be so precious. Let me ask you this…how funny is it to find photos of you and your siblings when you were really little? Doesn’t it bring back the most beautiful funny memories? Photos are triggers sometimes for events long forgotten.

So as a newborn photographer, capturing life as it really is, in a natural way,  to me creates real memories.

These sessions are available in-studio or in-home, feel free to contact Cathy if you have some more questions

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Newborn photographer sutherland shire