Sutherland Shire Dance Photographer: Olivia’s Photos

A portrait of a little ballerina, by Sutherland Shire Dance photographer Cathy

What a stunning, unassuming little girl Olivia is. She walked into the studio as any other 6 year would. A little quiet but visibly excited. Olivia is a passionate little dancer who dancing with local dance studio K and V dance in Sutherland.  Olivia’s mum Rebecca answered a callout we made for the Dandelion Charity Calendar. A  project very close to the heart of  Sutherland shire dance photographer Cathy. It’s a Calendar put together to raise some funds for an organization that helps assist the homeless and women/children from abusive households. Its been such a rewarding project with over 24 kids being photographed.

Olivia’s images are truly spectacular. A child who effortlessly takes a beautiful picture.

Olivia wore a real different outfit for her session, a strong/deep red/burgundy outfit from tutu du monde. One she could definitely pull off with her gorgeous dark hair colour.

Her make up was expertly done by Ameera Beauty of Kareela . And really complimented the tones of her outfit.

Olivia has huge beautiful eyes and images is definitely a favourite from her dance portrait. It is s so simple but so striking. Two lights were used for this image, one to the right and a diffused reflected light for fill from the left. This helps to create a really soft flat look, so there’s really minimal editing, which is great. Not because we don’t like editing, but because we always try to photograph and keep skin and tones as close to natural as possible. Flat light, really helps to achieve that.

Sutherland Shire Dance Photographer

Making the most of Tulle

The challenge when photographing little dancers is always looking for different poses and different lighting to bring a little drama to an image. Using accessories wisely…like the tulle of  the dress. This first image was definitely a challenge. Poor  Olivia (who has the patience of a saint)  had to lie on a hard floor for a little while for this one….We did support her head with a fluffy soft toy though ….whatever works 😉

I honestly could have photographed Olivia for hours, nothing was a chore or too difficult. It’s definitely a  personality trait we see in the dancers that come in for a session. They are determined, persistent, and so patient. But most of all, they are just beautiful little souls, who we simply adore having in the studio. 💕

Cathy, A Sutherland shire dance photographer, who every year chooses one project to raise money for charity. This is Cathy’s 4th Dandelion Charity Project in 4 years. Now having raised $6000 to date. She knows not much about dance at all, and quite openly admits there isn’t an elegant bone in her body! But her passion is photographing children. And her goal is make sure every child have a wonderful photography experience. An experience that not only helps boost confidence, and self-esteem…but is an experience that is full of laughs!! 😊

Photography Sutherland Shire specialist.

Cathy D a multi-award-winning Australia Institute of Professional Photographer.

With a flair for capturing the essence of a childs personality

Over the past 4 years, Cathy has become one of the most sought-after dance photographers. Publishing a book on dance photography as well as 4 calendars. All in support of her favorite Sutherland Shire  based Charity: The Dandelion Support Network

Images by Sutherland shire photography studio Diamond Portraits