Sutherland Shire Photographer: Cassie’s Session

Sutherland Shire Portraits

Sutherland Shire Photographer : Cathy.

Photo session : Cassie and Lucy.

Location: Lilli Pilli, Sutherland Shire

Cassie and Lucy’s   photo session was an absolute blast . These two are just adorable. There really is something special about being ask to photograph children with their beloved pets. The Sutherland Shire has so many beautiful photo locations that we decide to move out of the studio for this sessions and find somewhere nice and dog friendly, aka Lilli Pilli. Its  like a piece of Bowral  right here in the Sutherland shire.

Turning 13 is kind of a big deal. Well I think anyway. The start of the teenage years is definitely about growing up and new beginnings. Cassie absolutely loves to dance, and she absolutely loves her pet boarder Collie Lucy. Cassie’s mum Julia reached out to me earlier in the year to discuss a dance  session which could also incorporate her dog. You know what they say about working with kids and animals…… well don’t believe what you hear, it is truly amazing!!!!

Pets play such a big part of children’s lives. They bring the obvious, which is fun and joy and lots of laughs. But they also bring  a lot of comfort to kids when perhaps they just don’t feel like talking. They are great stress relievers, great companions and lets not forget, pets give the best cuddles.  Being able to photograph kids with their pets and create the cutest of images and memories for children is immensely satisfying.

Before the session we had a chat about clothing, and Julia came up with a great colour coordinated scheme, aka, black and white. Which turned out to be pretty awesome if I say so myself.

Could  they look any more cute?


Adding  a little red and BOOM

The second choice of outfit was completely different and absolutely spectacular if I do say so myself! To set off this amazing vibrant colour and to give Cassie something a little more unique, I coordinated a  smoke bomb to Cassie’s outfit. Working with kids, dogs and a smoke bomb was potentially going to be a tall ask…. but OMG can I say, Cassie nailed it! You literally have 60 seconds of burning time, so that in a nut shell is….no time to waste. That’s  exactly why, I like working with kids who dance. They are amazing, like truly amazing. They listen and follow instructions to the letter! A Photographers  dream if I’m being truthful….and Lucy, well Lucy just sat there, without a care in the world, completely oblivious to what was going on around her,  what a good doggy 😂

Cassie I hope you enjoyed this session as much as I did. Happy birthday sweet girl. May these photos always remind you of turning 13.

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Cassie dances at   AP Performers