Bridal hair and make up:

Bridal Hair & Make Up

This post is for the women! So let’s talk about one of the most time consuming yet important aspects of your wedding day: Bridal hair and make up!

Every time you view your photographs, your memories of that day will be reflected through your facial expressions and the quality of your hair and makeup.

Your hairstyle and makeup need to be finished professionally, unrushed and with attention to detail at every stage.

A trial prior to your wedding day allows you to see what your hair and make-up, and your bridesmaids hair and makeup will look like on your wedding day. Most importantly a trial allows you to plan your appointment and make sure you leave the salon, on time, relaxed and with the look that you want.

Using a professional make up artist is very important –

Don’t be tempted to use friends or do it yourself. Professional make up artists apply make up specifically for photography, which is quite different to normal every day wear. As a general rule make up needs to be applied at least 30% heavier! So if you do have a trial and feel that the makeup is too heavy, don’t be concerned. Make up  will appear much lighter & less dramatic in the final photos.

As photographers we can’t emphasize enough how important your timing with hair and make up is. There is nothing worse (from our point of view) than arriving at the bride’s home to start photographing and the bride still has her hair in rollers!! Bridal hair and makeup

General speaking we arrive at the bride’s home between 1-1.5 hrs before the bride needs to leave for the ceremony. We strongly recommend you arrange for your hair and makeup to be completed at least 30 minutes before the photographer is scheduled to arrive. Remember you still have to get into your wedding gown, and let’s face it that’s not a 5 minute job! Having a little extra time to have Champagne with the girls would be nice!! (Did you know that small quantities of alcohol help you relax, and therefore you will blink less in your photographs!)

Our second most important recommendation is that you, the bride does not have her hair and make up done last.

If we arrive at the brides house and one of the brides maids is still having her make up completed then it’s not such a problem. We can photograph the bride; do all the family photos and then move onto the shots with all the bridesmaids. If the bride is not ready however, there is only so many photos that we can take of the bridesmaids!!

Remember when planning your wedding, timing is crucial. If you’re continually running late, then the day is just going to seem like a blur. I’m sure you’ve heard many people say “your wedding day goes so fast”, well it does, but you can make sure you enjoy every moment by being well planned.