A Tiny Dancer: Maddison-Kate

A Tiny Dancer with a Big Heart

When Tiny Dancer: Maddison-Kate first walking into my studio for a ballet portrait session, I remember thinking what a petite, tiny shy little girl. Then she got dressed in her gorgeous little ballet outfit, stood in front of my studio lights and camera …and bammm what a transformation!!! This happy confident and full of joy child appeared. This little doll, eats sleeps and lives to dance. Her photo session was a bunch of fun, there is nothing better than hearing little ones giggle and have lots of fun. Watching her little journey on social media over the last few months has been just beautiful. Maddison-Kate is truly in her element.

After photographing over 60 little dancers the last few months I can honestly say, something magical happens when they are in front of the camera. Shy or not shy, dancing and performing has this magical way of bringing out this confidence that every little girl should experience. Id almost go as far to say, if you have a rally shy little one, get them to a dance school, what an amazing way to increase their confidence and bring kids out of their shell. One other thing that really evident with dancers is that can follow 3 step instructions. that is pretty unique for little kids. Dancing  is wonderful for helping kids establish a good memory!! Huge bonus!

Thank you Maddison-Kate (and mum Angela) for visiting my studio. You certainly brightened my day. AND I look forward to continuing to following your dream of dancing! xox

Maddison-Kate is one of many children that will grace the pages of out Charity book “dancer for Dandelion” a charity initiative to help families who are not as fortunate as us

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