Toddlers in the Studio

Photographing toddlers in the studio. Sometimes parents delay family portraits because they think toddlers can be a little wild or hard to “control” aka, take directions. They often come in pretty nervous not knowing what to expect, with a possibility that the kids might not cooperate at all. Having children confined to an area seems to be the preference to the alternative of photographing outside for parents. Why ? Toddlers in the studio will be less distracted. And toddlers in the studio can’t escape as easily 😉

And yep it’s true, toddlers don’t sit still, they can throw a tantrum, they can run amuck,  but you know what? They often don’t. These two little cherubs were no exception, they were just a bundle of joy. When photographing toddlers in the studio it really is best to start with the whole family. All the lights and props can be quite overwhelming. Mum and Dad’s cuddles are always the perfect place to start!

Toddlers in the studio

Spencer and Hunter’s smiles were simply contagious. Mum and dad: Maddison and Stuart have to take all the credit. There is nothing better than having parents in the studio who are just so laid back and calm. Nothing was a bother for these guys. They laughed, joked,  tickled, and just enjoyed the experience of being with their children. Their connection with their kids was just beautiful, and I think this photo really shows that too!

Spencer and Hunter together, could they be any cuter?

And lastly, some individuals images of the kids to finish their studio photo session off. By this time, the kiddies were pretty comfortable and relaxed 😊

Portrait Images By Cathy; Diamond Portraits Photography Studio is located in Lilli Pilli, Sutherland Shire.

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