Wedding cakes

 Wedding cakes, so much to choose from.

Its one of the oldest wedding traditions.

As weddings now are days are so personalised, the choice for the wedding cakes is truly limitless. Gone are the days of the simple fruit cake covered in white icing. Thank goodness, just quietly!!
Multiple layers are definitely the range with an eclectic array or flavor’s now available.
The wedding I photographed last weekend had a really unique wedding cake a fig and almond cake with a beautiful ganache frosting (definitely not low fat I can tell you), but it was divine and definitely  original!

wedding cake
wedding cake

Naked wedding cakes (ie not iced) are all the range on the internet and Pinterest at the moment. As are cheese cakes, as in slabs of cheese stacked on top of each other to look like a cake. What a great alternative if the bride and groom are not sweet eaters.
Cup cakes are also very popular easy to serve as well, they can be absolutely beautiful if done properly. Be warned though, a mediocre job could see your wedding cake look like a little kids birthday cake.The traditional wedding cake, ie white iced are still ever so popular, and with cake decorators getting exceptional fancy with their detail, some cakes are truly a work of art

If you’re  not a great lover of sweets!! Here is an option for you. A cheese cake, as in yes a slab of cheese! All stacked ontop of eachother. Not everyone has a sweet tooth 😉

In a nutshell though, for today’s modern bride, almost anything goes!!!

If your after some great wedding cake flavour ideas follow this link.Its awesome, truly! It even tells you what cake flavour goes with what filling, and what goes with the ideal cake covering!!

Happy Planning!

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