Wedding make-up, my 5 top tips for your big day

 My 5 top tips for perfect wedding make-up.

Every time you look at your wedding photos you’re going to see it…..Did your make-up artist do a good job?

  • 1. Using a professional wedding make-up artist is so important. Don’t be tempted to use friends or do your wedding make-up. Professional Make-up artists apply make-up specifically for photography, which is quite different from normal everyday wear.
  • 2. As a general rule wedding make-up needs to be applied at least 30% heavier. So if you do have a trial make-up session and feel it looks too heavy, don’t be concerned.
  • 3.Have a trial run, I often suggest my brides have a trial make up for their engagement photo session. What a perfect way to see if the wedding make-up is right for you. And too also she the result in photographs. Are the eyelashes too heavy, was the lipstick too light or too dark?
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  • 4. Once you engage a wedding make-up artist be sure to communicate the times your photographer will be arriving at the hotel or home to start taking your photos., There is nothing worse than arriving at the bride’s home to find her in a chair having her wedding make-up done. It’s such a waste of perfect photo time. Generally, speaking photographers will arrive at a bride’s home one to one and half hours prior to the ceremony.
  • 5. Don’t forget, putting your wedding dress on is not a 5-minute job!! My suggestion is to tell the wedding make-up artists you need to be ready at least 30 minutes before your photographer is due to arrive. That then gives you time to get the dress on, without stress before your photographer is due to start.

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Remember when planning your wedding, timing is crucial. If you’re continually running late, then the day is just going to seem like a blur. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “your wedding goes so fast”, well it does, but you can make sure you enjoy every moment by being well prepared.

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