Photographing Family Portraits

Photographing family Portraits  – why do you do it? Is a question I often get asked.

Don’t the kids run amuck?

How do you get the kids to smile?

How do you get the kids to laugh?

Where do you get your patience? (ok this is the most common question 😂)

I want to say….because I am the kid whisperer. 😉. If only!

The truth is,  kids are just amazing little humans. They find joy very easily. They are open and honest (ok I’m not talking about teens here), they are comfortable and at home around mum and dad. AND they have a really good sense of humour! Children are also very receptive to the energy around them. I’m a true believer that kids mirror their parents at photo sessions. Mum and dad, Robin, and Christian were both so calm; outwardly that is, not saying they didn’t feel a little awkward at the beginning because everyone does. It’s not easy having photos taken by a complete stranger.

My point, mum and dad went with the flow, had fun, engaged the kids, and made them feel like they were just out at the park for some fun. If mum and dad are enjoying themselves, so are the kids. It’s really that simple.

Kids can sometimes start off pretty reserved and that was definitely the case with these two, especially little Ciara, who is only four years of age. I think it took a good 10-15 minutes to warm up to having her picture taken, Cooper on the other hand was just happy to go with the flow. Once everyone was a little at ease, we got so many beautiful images!

Here’s their family portrait session!

photographing family portraits

After about 20 minutes in there was just no hesitation. These photos of the kids are just so cute! I love that they can look back on these in 20-30 years’ time and without a doubt get a giggle.

This series of images I love the most! The children with mum and dad. Every child has a special and different bond with each parent, capturing that bond is really beautiful. I love that these kids, now have beautiful memories with their parents. They may or may not remember this photo session, but the emotion in the photos will trigger great memories of times spent with mum and dad and visa versa.

It’s really important for your own family history, to exist in photos with your kids, no matter the age.

Photographing family portraits is so important because one day when kids are all grown up and have their own family they will go looking for photos of you together! ❤

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Photography by Sutherland Shire Family Portrait Photographer: Cathy Donna

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