Courtney and Mitchells Curzon Hall Ceremony

What an absolutely fun-loving wedding couple and wedding this was. A perfect sunny day, super beautiful locations, lots of laughs, a few tears. These guys could not have asked for a better wedding. They had the most perfect Curzon Hall Ceremony. A spectacular location for their bridal party photos as well. Full of old-world charm. Grand staircases, and lush green gardens. My favourite feature here though is all the sandstone. It’s just so pretty and romantic.

The Curzon Hall Ceremony ran just a tad late. The girls arrived in time and just as Courtney stepped out of the car I asked. “you all good”…and nope she smiled and burst into tears. Happy ones of course. Sometimes things just hit you! all at once. Dad to the rescue, a few quiet moments in the limo, and tissue touch up and all was well.  Mitchell on the other hand looked as chilled as every.

Their wedding photos have literally just arrived on my doorstep from the lab today, and Courtney and Mitch were going to try and pick them up to take to a family dinner tonight, but it wasn’t to be. So….Im putting this gallery up for them to look over with their family tonight.  I love family get-togethers, so what better way to share your photos than with those you love dearly.

So Mitch and Courtney have a great dinner xxx

See you tomorrow  😊

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