Golden Hour

 Golden hour, what is so special about this time of day?

The golden hour is the one hour before sunset or the one hour after sunrise. It really is spectacular light for wedding photography and portraits as well.

Golden Hour

The light is really appealing and even. The light is quite diffused and soft with the sun at this time of day as it sits lower in the sky, shadows are longer and light is ambient. It glows yellow and gold.

When planning my photoshoot timing with my wedding couples, I always work around sunset times. Making sure our schedule gives us enough time to be in the right location for the perfect light. This light does tend to disappear quite quickly. Although the light is beautiful and soft, it hits its intensity at approximately 5 mins before sunset time and 5 minutes after sunset time. This is when the colours tend to be at their most intense. So planning to be at the location well ahead of this is really crucial. It’s only a small window of opportunity. Remember if it’s a cloudy day you will need to be at the location a little earlier, as the sun will appear to go down sooner.

There is nothing quite as beautiful as the light at the golden hour.

To help with this, here is a link to Sydney sunset times for this year.

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