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Belinda & George’s Ottimo House Wedding

What an incredible perfect day these two were blessed with.

They both looked amazing, their bridal party were a bunch of fun. The weather was perfect and the location to die for. Horses, barns, lakes, rustic scenery, Ottimo House is a photographers dream, and a couples perfect reality, what more can I say.

Lots and lots of dancing, lots of laughs and great company, and some beautiful photos if I do say so myself.


Your Wedding Photography Timeline

Your wedding photography timeline

Here are my top tips to help you tackle your wedding photography day timeline!

First and foremost, Plan for the LIGHT. I work with all my couples to make sure that we aren’t doing the location/bridal party photos at the height of the day {when the sun is the harshest} and that we have plenty of time for gorgeous sunset photographs. Check sunset time for your wedding day! You need to ensure you have lots of available light to produce beautiful images. Once the sun goes down you have about 5-10 minutes left of available light. Mind you the ten minutes surrounding sunset time is what we photographers call the golden hour, its divine light.

Wedding cakes

Wedding cake, so much to choose from. Its one of the oldest wedding traditions. As weddings now are days are so personalised, the choice for the wedding cake is truly limitless. Gone are the days of the simple fruit cake covered in white icing. Thank goodness, just quietly!! Multiple layers are definitely the range with an eclectic array or flavour’s now available. The wedding I photographed last weekend had a really unique wedding cake a fig and almond cake with a beautiful ganache frosting (definitely not low fat I can tell you), but it was divine and definitely original!

Should I have a Wedding Videographer?

I get asked this question often by couples who book me to take their wedding photos. Everyone is different. But let me ask you this? Will you regret not having one? That is the real question you need to ask yourself!

I myself was not that interested in a wedding video, but I knew I would one day regret it, so we had one, it wasn’t edited, no fancy highlights and special effects, just the coverage, as it happened on the day.

I loved it, it’s the real thing, its how the guests saw my wedding on the day.

Engagement Photography Sessions.

Why I like them!

I absolutely love engagement photography sessions! I get couples tell me all the time they “hate  having their photos taken”. To me, that statement is  a challenge….. I want to make sure at the end of an engagement session, couples have not only had a great time, but have no more anxiety at all, about being  in front of the camera.  I really  notice the difference in the couples attitude and demeanour on the wedding day if they had had their photos taken previously.

Golden Hour

 Golden hour, what is so special about this time of day? The golden hour is the one hour before sunset or the one hour after

A Beautiful Proposal

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5 Top Tips for your Bridal Bouquet

Bridal Bouqets Can you imagine your wedding without a bridal bouquet? What a dull old affair it would be without the colour, perfume and visual